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 Jazz and BBQ

Sun, Sept 27, 2015 | 4:00-7:00 pm

Leon Anderson Jazz Quartet featuring Avis Berry

BBQ tickets $10 each


Be an Angel Sponsorships $133 (includes 6 BBQ tickets) 

 Name  Message
 1  DL LaSeur-Wright
 In thanksgiving for my St. Michael family.    
 2  Margaret Edwards
 To God be the glory for the things He has done!
 3  Charlie Clark
 In thanksgiving for the life of Viola Griffin- my mother.
 4  Lennie Helfand
 The blessings already are.
 5  Constance Mele
 In grateful thanksgiving for my family, especially my angel, Angela.
 6  Eleanor M. Hunter  
 7  Leslie Baker & Alexis McMillan  In Thanksgiving for our St. Michael family and for all our blessings
 8  Fr. Cal and Karen Goodlett  In Thanksgiving for our St. Michael family.
 9  Dr. Shaun Laurie and Family  
 10  Laureatte Scott      To God be the Glory!
 11      Rosalyn Greene and Pamela Duncan  In memory of Jackson Greene
 12       Altha Flowers Manning  Congratulations St. Michael and All Angels Family for providing spiritual leadership to the St. Michael families and our broader community
 13  Lynnette Hamilton  
 14  The Hruda Family  Love you, St. Michaels
 15  The Robinson Family  For the blessing of our children, seven grandchildren, family, friends and all of God's creation
 16  The Crowell Family  
 17  Byron Greene  In memory of my mother, Evelyn C. Greene
 18  Kathleen Rodgers In thanksgiving for God's Blessings!
 19  Linda Dillworth  
 20  Edith Onyeozilli